Unique Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchen aesthetics are often what makes the area an actual focal point. There are plenty of materials to use throughout your kitchen, from outdoor kitchen floor plans to workstations. The position of your outdoor kitchen is something you should undoubtedly consider though. It will depend on how much direct sunlight you like and at what time of day.

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens in San Jose

Certain materials for outdoor kitchens may not be able to withstand shifting weather conditions, so you must choose products that are resilient under conditions like slate, flagstone, cedar, and teak.  Express Decks & Fences also take into account the placement of kitchen items such as trash cans,  as well as how light functions in an outdoor kitchen space.

Outdoor Kitchen Components

Express Decks & Fences offer unlimited designs and plans for your outdoor kitchen. We will help you plan the right appliances to use that would reflect both your personal touch and today’s modern lifestyle. When you work with us, we guarantee to handle every process from start to finish in building your outdoor kitchen – from consultation, preparation, design analysis, development, to installation.

Designed For Grilling

As San Jose’s leading outdoor kitchen designer, Express Decks & Fences has extensive experience in building and constructing open-air kitchens. Whether you are searching for an outdoor bar area with seating, or for the ultimate grill room, we have you covered.