About Decks

Looking for the best San Jose Deck Builders, but no idea where to begin? Express Decks & Fences is an experienced deck contractor professional in San Jose with great expertise when it comes to creative and innovative decks. From planning the best design, consultation, to assisting you with all your needs when it comes to building your dream deck.  

We make sure to make the whole process of building decks convenient and enjoyable. We provide limitless deck options at your disposal. Ready to build your home decks? Let’s talk now, and we will create the patio deck of your dreams. We are a team that has been providing the best deck construction in San Jose.

Quality Deck Builders

Express Decks & Fences is one of the quality deck builders in San Jose, California, but what sets us apart is that our team provides a friendly approach, innovative designs, and a creative team. Not to mention, our flexible service packages and competitive prices. For every project, we aim to deliver quality deck results.

Our Deck Services

When it comes to building patio decks, we will give you unlimited options as we offer you different deck building materials available today. We can match your deck design and materials and maximize it according to your budget.


Rest assured that our team can carry out the most exceptional installer on the railing. Contact us Now.

Hot Tub
Decks Designs

Indulge with luxurious hot tub decks. Express Decks & Fences guarantees durability and elegance for your hot tub.

Wooden Gazebos

Add shelter and elegance to your backyard experience. Our gazebos will surely impress your guests.


Rest assured that our team can carry out the most exceptional installer on the railing. Contact us Now.

Deck Floors

The job of the builders for deck floor building is very significant in San Jose. We will help you make choices but also to make sure that the new building passes the test of time and complies with all municipal safety regulations. Guaranteed that every client gets the right decks according to their expectations.

Hot Tub Deck Designs

Do you want to put a hot tub in your yard? Let’s make it more fancy and relaxing. We will help you find the best spot where you can put your hot tub. There are a couple of points to keep in mind when installing a spa or hot tub to your hot tub deck design to ensure that your hot tub deck is clean, stable, and sturdy. Unlike other hot tub deck builders, we care about providing you the best results, so we want to help and give you the best building deck tips as possible and not just say “Yes” to everything that you want when we know that it might ruin your deck design. These are the things that we will further explain to you when you choose to work with us – you are valued.

Wooden Gazebos

From traditional to modern-style wooden gazebos, Express Decks & Fences is excellent in building wooden gazebos for your backyard. Every gazebo that we build is unique, and based on your personal preference. We can help you choose the perfect combination of style, colors, dimensions, and options to build the most relaxing wooden gazebo.

Deck Railings

Every railing design is unique, but regardless, Express Decks & Fences ensures to increase the safety on your deck. At our company, we offer San Jose solutions for many deck railing systems. The idea is to help clients figure out what will best serve in terms of safety, scope, and aesthetics at their house. Our expert professionals are always available to support you in making those choices. They will provide you with all sorts of options and ideas to make your decision as simple as possible. Rest assured that our team can carry out the most exceptional installer on the railing.